Interior Design of the Human Psyche

I believe the world is evolving more rapidly than ever before and will only get faster. Some areas with wildly disruptive changes:

  • How we work. Remote and hybrid work is just the beginning.

  • Aging and the lack thereof. I believe many people alive today will live to 150; some might even live for thousands of years or forever.

  • Software and AI. We’ll look back at GPT4 years from now and think how primitive it was. It’d be like the AI equivalent of ENIAC.

  • Personalization; Education, medicine, and entertainment will be wildly customized.

  • Globalization and cosmopolitanism. As almost the entire world goes online, human culture will be ever more diverse and global. As these things happen—more than ever—we need to be psychologically resilient and adaptable.

Accompanying the above sea of changes contend with the following:

  • Impostor syndrome and feeling like you’re not good enough. It’s easier than ever to compare yourself to the world’s best.

  • Cynicism, nihilism, and pessimism. It will feel like we can’t keep up, at least sometimes. During those times, it’d be easy to surrender to the apparent meaninglessness of the universe.

  • Focus and prioritization. We already have a dizzying amount of optionality for our time and attention. It’s only going to get worse.

What is Anticynical?

Anticynical is a journey. A journey where I’m building a psychological and philosophical operating system for this rapidly changing world.

I will write about one idea every other week. After writing ten ideas, I’ll write a synthesis of previously explored ideas. Each idea will be like a tile in the mosaic of the Anticynical operating system.

Just as the world keeps evolving, so will I, and so will Anticynical.

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Building a psychological and philosophical operating system for a rapidly changing world.


I write code and prose. Building bridges from the abstract to the practical.